Forms Podcast

Discussions on living towards the age to come.

How should christians respond to the present distress?

Pierre-Louis Choquet of Justice et Espérance and Lutte et Contemplation explains why he and his friends are opposing the rise of the French far-right, the stakes for the christian Left, and the hope of a renewed Catholicism in the 21st century.

Why has the European Union made the mediterranean a graveyard?

Featuring Pavlos Rufos: read his article, “A Disaster Foretold”, and his book, A Happy Future is a Thing of the Past.

What does decolonisation mean? Featuring Philippe Blouin, Matt Peterson, and Malek Rasamny: get their book, The Mohawk Warrior Society and read this interview concerning Matt & Malek's film, Spaces of Exception.

What does it mean for Christ to recapitulate human history? Featuring Fr. Jacob Siemens: read his book The Christology of Theodore of Tarsus, and find more of his works at Orthodox Exchange.

What does the Thomas Achord and Stephen Wolfe saga teach us about contemporary American Evangelicalism? Featuring Rev. Benjamin Marsh and Jacob Huneycutt.

How does God relate to the world? Featuring Jordan Daniel Wood: read his book, The Whole Mystery of Christ.

How does God relate to the world? Featuring David Bentley Hart: read his book, You Are Gods: On Nature and Supernature and follow him at Leaves in the Wind.

How do we follow the Way in the postmodern world? Featuring Keanu Heydari & Mason Mennenga.

Symphonia or caesaropapism? Featuring Henry Hopwood-Phillips: read his article Russian Orthodoxy on trial.

How do different forms-of-life cross-pollinate? Featuring Antonio Vargas & Ryan Haecker.